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About Us

Our Story

Villa 1 Community Development was founded in 2016 by Florida native, Mike Jackson. Villa 1 is the solution to economically empowering low to moderate income communities in The Metro-Atlanta area. We believe in a comprehensive vision of community, a quality environment, a healthy neighborhood economy, and active voluntary associations. We are committed to the empowerment of low to moderate income families, diversity building, and social and economic justice. With a focus on stabilizing affordable housing communities, community building, and providing support. Since 2016, Villa 1 has invested in and provided support to more than 500 families over the Metro-Atlanta area, as well as provided training and mentorship for over 1000 youth-in partnership with several local community organizations.

We empower low to moderate income families through social services and community building while creating and preserving quality affordable housing communities.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Villa 1 Community Development is to develop, create, and preserve quality affordable housing and to empower low to moderate income individuals, seniors, veterans and communities. We desire to build community and enhance the quality of life for Metro-Atlanta residents. We are a community development organization with many roles - as neighborhood advocates, stabilizers, organizers, developers and managers of affordable housing. A cornerstone of achieving our mission is to partner with a wide range of other developers, owners, investors, lenders, social service providers, public charities, community organizations and local/federal government to leverage our own capabilities.

Our Mission
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Our Vision

The vision of Villa 1 is to create healthy and vibrant communities for low to moderate income families, individuals, seniors, and veterans. We envision a community where everyone has a place to call home. We do this through the development of affordable housing, leadership development training, community building and promoting positive political, economic, social and environmental change.


We want communities where all people live in quality and sustainable housing they can afford - empowered to achieve goals and enjoying a strong sense of community. We will build quality, environmentally sustainable and healthy communities where residents have opportunities to build skills, financial independence, and a strong sense of support. Villa 1 aims to be a leader, leveraging our skills, resources and experience to create healthy communities and innovative solutions to housing needs

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